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 Amenesik Enterprise Cloud Platform 
 Harness the cloud to the advantage of your Enterprise. 
 If the IT teams of your enterprise are experiencing difficulties mastering the variety of offers available in the cloud today, or if previous experiences with cloud providers and solutions have left you feeling less than satisfied, then please read on and discover how the Amenesik Enterprise Cloud employs state-of-the-art technology to the advantage of business users, freeing your valuable resources and allowing you the serenity to concentrate on your primary business concerns.

Your Enterprise Applications, in the Cloud.
The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud allows you to define, deploy and manage your Enterprise Applications on the Cloud of your choice.
 The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud provides an integrated collection of tools and procedures which help you prepare your Enterprise Applications and their various support components for easy deployment in the cloud of your choice. The Basmati Enhanced Application Model (BEAM) greatly facilitates the development of the specification of the generic structure and its deployment details in a cloud-independent fashion allowing subsequent deployment under control of the CompatibleOne Resources Delivery Service, (CORDS). You are free to choose either from the comprehensive list of public clouds, including Amazon EC2, Google GCE, Microsoft Windows Azure, IBM Softlayer and Cloud Sigma, or from a variety of Open Standards compatible public or private cloud providers based on OpenStack, OpenNebula, SCALR, OCCI or Eucalyptus technology, or any combination of them all.  
Autonomous Application Scaling.
The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud allows automated control of dynamic scalability, adapting your Enterprise Applications to suit your customers and their users’ requirements.
  Once your Enterprise Applications have been defined and deployed in the cloud of your choice, you are ready to manage their scalability on a minute to minute, hour to hour or daily basis. The Scalability Engine of the Amenesik Enterprise Cloud allows you to off load the decision-making process right to the heart of your own application and autonomously control real-time scaling. Cloud resources can be added and released to adapt to the ever changing requirements of your application in order to truly satisfy the needs of your customers and their end users. Dynamic geographical load balancing ensures that customer requests are directed to the application instances in the appropriate geographic regions allowing seamless comfort of access.  
Automated Application Maintenance.
The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud simplifies the management of your Application Maintenance and the test and delivery of its updates and patches
 The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud provides a coherent set of tools and methods that facilitate the management of the development life cycle of your Enterprise Application when deployed in the Cloud. The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud caters to the needs of both functional developments, with continuous integration, and to the needs for deployment, installation and configuration of important maintenance updates and patches. The unique design approach, based on OCCI components, allows backend application services to be designed from the outset with both horizontal and vertical scalability in mind.  
Inter Cloud Migration.
The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud allows you to ensure Fault Tolerant operation by easily moving your Enterprise Cloud Applications to alternative clouds in case of trouble.
  When trouble strikes and problems arise the Amenesik Enterprise Cloud allows you to ensure fault tolerant operation by effortlessly moving your Enterprise Cloud Applications and their operational resources to alternative clouds. Amenesik Enterprise Cloud Application Cloning tools and procedures allow seamless migration to be fully automated thus guaranteeing minimum down time for your customers and their end users. Furthermore, the state of the art BASMATI Cloud Federation extensions, allowing your application to be replicated across multiple independent cloud service providers in alternative geographical regions, affords the maximum degree of performance and accessibility.  
As a Service.
The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud is available now, as a Service.
 The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud platform can be defined and deployed for use "As a Service" and can be adapted to suit the needs not only of your enterprise and its applications but also those of your customers and their users. Several different deployment models are provided as a basis to start from and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.  
Ready for Business.
The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud is ready for use by your business, but is your business ready to use Amenesik Enterprise Cloud?
  The Amenesik Enterprise Cloud, powered by the Amenesik Cloud Engine, with the fruits of the developments of CompatibleOne, EasiClouds and BASMATI inside, is ready for use by your business ... but is your business ready to use the Amenesik Enterprise Cloud? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance and for a free evaluation of the cloud readiness of your Enterprise Applications.  
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Cloud Brokerage Across Borders For Mobile Users And Applications.
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BASMATI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant agreement no. 723131 and from ICT R&D program of Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning no. R0115-16-0001.

Extended Architecture and Service Infrastructure for Cloud-Aware Software

 Europe & South Korea


ITEA 2 Project 10014 EASI-CLOUDS a globally competitive open and trusted cloud eco-system to empower European society industry and research.

The Open Source Cloud Broker
Systematic, Paris Region and OW2

CompatibleOne was a Systematic research project funded by France's Pôles de Compétitivité and published under an Apache 2 opensource license at OW2.


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